Tim Walker Inspired Wedding

Jamie Waters Photography

Helen is an absolute star!  She was recommended to us after a series of issues left us feeling completely overwhelmed and despondent about our wedding.  Helen was completely unperturbed by the difficult circumstances and swept in with a positive attitude and charm. She quickly took over all our discussions with the venue, made contact with the right people, and brought the delivery staff on side, if not the intractable management, managing to negotiate resolutions to a number of sticky problems quickly and with diplomacy. 

We decided it was essential to have Helen with us on the day itself and it was absolutely the right decision.  It was like having a magical fairy oiling the wheels behind the scene so that everything ran smoothly.  She has a knack for knowing exactly how you’re feeling and what you need, right down to a glass of water and having five minutes alone with my new husband to soak it all in.  Her emotional intelligence is what sets her above other event planners and was just what we needed at a challenging time.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.