Country House Wedding

John Barwood Photography

Helen helped us bring to life what guests described as “the most incredible week of their life.” The event was so inspirational someone wrote us a short story about it as a thanks. Quite simply, our wedding was not a normal event. Helen is our mastermind.

We invited guests from four continents to spend 5-days in a stately home where they lived and glamped onsite, attended multiple festivities and had every day orchestrated to bring maximum joy. We had clay pigeon shooting, food tastings, fireworks, live music, archery, live bird displays, catered meals, on-site casino and sports. There was a detailed run of show for every day in an atmosphere which curated premium luxury but totally laid back and welcoming. We, bride & groom, planned this extravaganza while living -8 hours from Helen; us in California, she in UK. She was able to keep pace with our planning process, keeping us on timeline and on budget (well, almost). 

Her imagination and ‘little’ black book was as big as our dreams. She was able to pull in personal favors and production teams typically reserved for Glastonbury and premium events. She’s been in events for decades so she knows all the ins and outs of who’s who which helped us move fast and be curated. She’s a mother of three acclaimed musicians which means she just knows how to curate music to bring people together seamlessly. 

Events are never perfect but Helen’s demeanour and leadership style brings people together. She could expertly navigate challenges, chaos and mishaps with grace. Helen often said “we have to build the right team” and she’s right. She knows how to bring together the right vendors and orchestrate them so they deliver their best. She’s brilliantly joyful and such a delight. We cannot compliment her enough and strongly recommend her for anyone seeking an experience that unites people deeply for generations to come.