Indoor Garden Wedding

Especially Amy Photography

It was a day full of wonder and delight, everywhere I felt love and joy and it still resonates in the house, and the family even now.  

You are a fabulous organiser and I would be more than happy to use this as your reference.  You held our hand every step of the way and made quite an ‘event’ become better than I imagined.  Given how much we put in to the day, there was nothing out of place, and I know that you went the extra mile on quite a few occasions.  I was, and still am, a blissed out bride.  You are now my friend, and for that I am  very, very happy.  May we have many more parties together as families.  Roland is a rock, and I also wish to extend these appreciations to him.

There are so many areas that you handled with such calmness and efficiency.  But what fun to be had too.  The Band, the fabulous caterers, the stunning flowers, the beautiful tea tent, the furniture, Freddie, Honor, the coming together of our families, our gorgeous children. I am so proud that I could burst.  I cannot believe it was only two weeks ago.  I have been in a bubble of delight ever since and being back home is wonderful, even though we had a great time away